After spending a hectic week in the action-packed urban localities, who doesn’t like the idea of retiring to a quiet, private place for the weekend where they can be amidst lavish, dew-covered gardens and view the sunrise with a cup of hot tea in their hands? If you are looking for such a dwelling, that is exactly what a farmhouse has to offer.

What exactly is a farmhouse?

A modern-day farmhouse, as the name suggests, is a rural estate built for residential purposes and is attached to a farm. The surrounding area is big enough to accommodate a barn for animals and people usually like to keep farm animals like poultry and cattle, and there is ample space for farming and gardening as well.

The architectural style of a farmhouse is similar to that of an old-fashioned, traditional farmhouse but nowadays, this similarity is purely superficial and seeks to serve people’s demand for tranquility and calmness, away from the bustling urban centre of the cities. This also explains why farmhouses are usually located on the outskirts of cities where the level of traffic and pollution is minimal.

Facilities that farmhouses provide

Apart from providing its owners with serenity, farmhouses also contain all the facilities that a contemporary house offers. As they are usually built for wealthy in particular, they contain large bedrooms, multiple kitchens complete with up-to-date fittings, modern living rooms and dining areas, all containing the conveniences of an urban residence. In addition to this, it is common to find features such as swimming pools, tennis courts, or cricket grounds in farmhouses.

Use of farmhouses

In Pakistan, a farmhouse is put to multiple uses. As we all enjoy meeting our friends and relatives every now and then, a farmhouse serves the purpose of holding get-togethers and also comes in handy during occasions such as Eid, when the entire family meets for festivities, sacrificing animals and having barbeques and other parties.

Moreover, another upcoming trend is to hold weddings at farmhouses, which is feasible as people can avoid the costs and restrictions associated with conducting wedding ceremonies in a hall.

All things considered, I am sure that you agree that after a week full of activity and commotion, it is usually difficult to make holiday plans with your family and by the time the holidays arrive, you find yourself completely unprepared. In such a case, a farmhouse acts as the perfect getaway, a home away from home.

So what do you think, is having a farmhouse a good idea? Leave your views in the comments section below.